Since more than 30 yearswe supply porcelain items tothe coffee industry, fromdesign to production.

We are looking for prestigious and renowned locations, where the ritual of coffee is the protagonist, to propose to become an Ambassador.

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01/03   Lanzani Bottega & Bistrot Brescia - Italy

A new place, in the same place
In Via Milano N.49 there is a place where creativity manifests itself freely. Here you can still breathe the air of the laboratory, the one in which the real protagonist is experimentation. Can you smell it?

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02/03   Botinero Restaurant’n’ Lounge Milano - Italy

Botinero, in Argentine language, is the one who adjusts soccer shoes. In this restaurant and lounge bar in the center of Milan there is a unique collection of shoes and trophies of football champions, including those of Javier Zanetti, the Inter's Captain and Botinero’s owner.

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03/03   Visit Coffee Roastery Berlino - Germany

The Visit Coffee is not about reinventing the bean, creating new coffee beverages or dictating you how to drink your coffee. Our approach towards coffee is simple: highest quality beans, perfected roasting methods and passionate people will create pure exceptional coffee experience. Our passion is what we want to share with you.

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Are you the owner of a prestigious location, where the ritual of coffee is the protagonist? Contact us! You could be Ambassador Club House and receive an exclusive selection of custom cups.

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We have been producing designed porcelain items for some of the most renowned European companiesin Asia for more than 30 years, providing excellent quality and service.

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